I am a board-certified neurosurgeon and psychiatrist with expertise in addiction, substance-abuse, traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder and other neurological disorders.

What I Do

The focus of my work is analysis of any insult to the brain.

This includes the functional impairments a patient may experience, whether it is a physical or mental problem. The functional impairments a person suffers today are rooted in their medical history, sometimes reaching back decades to their first contact with the health care system. The ultimate goal is to determine the true cause of the injury that results in the loss of functional independence.

As an independent physician and consultant, I provide case review, consultation, case research and analysis services for patients and their families, as well as law firms, insurance companies, industry, veterans organizations and foundations. Please contact me to learn more.

How I Work

I consider myself an expert without bias, agenda or prejudice. I am interested in getting to the truth of a patient’s problems, understanding them and explaining them so that person can get the help they need.

The process of working with me involves my doing a thorough literature and case review. It may involve an interview with the patient or with the patient’s family. I am willing to discuss the case and its issues with other physicians. If I think I can contribute to understanding the case, we will move beyond the discussions and I will write an analysis. I will do thorough research and then provide a report detailing my findings.

Who I Serve

Ultimately I serve patients and families, and they often require consultations with lawyers, insurance companies, organizations, both public and private, the Veterans Administration, foundations that support the injured, and various industries. These entities as well as patients and families seek help/guidance in regard to diagnosis, treatment options including rehabilitation, and prognosis.

It Begins With The Brain

For me, the path to helping people starts with the brain. It is the epicenter of who we are and how we live in the world; it governs everything about our physical, spiritual, and intellectual experience.

When our brain is damaged, nothing about life is left untouched. I have spent my life studying the brain in all its complexity; I am convinced that any one problem with the brain cannot be understood in isolation.

Fifty Years of Experience

I have a unique professional background with a wide range of experience. I have worked as a neurosurgeon and neurologist; a rehabilitation specialist and administrator; and a psychiatrist serving patients with severe trauma, addiction, and substance abuse issues.

I have treated patients of different ages and backgrounds, those facing dementia, with behavior disorders and chronic depression.

I have worked in the military, private practice, academia, public, government-sponsored and private health care systems.

Air Force Flight Surgeon

My experience in the military began in 1967 at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas and took me to Clark Air Base as a Flight Surgeon/ Director of Military Public Health in the Republic of the Philippines. My time in the Philippines included one year as an assistant on the Neurosurgical Service and TDY service in Republic of Viet Nam.

Army Psychiatrist

After many years outside the military, I decided to return to serve soldiers and worked for the last five years at Eisenhower Army Medical Center at Fort Gordon, Georgia in their Behavioral Health-Residential Treatment Facility (Inpatient Addictions).

Academic Experience

I have worked for academic institutions several times. I have been a Professor of Surgery and Neurosurgery at the Medical College of Georgia and the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

In psychiatry, I have taught students in my position as Instructor, Attending Psychiatrist and Clinical Director, Addiction Services, Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital and at Harvard Medical School.

Private Practice

I have had my own neurosurgical private practices in Jackson, Mississippi and Beckley, West Virginia.

Recognizing a need for services in the area, I founded MDRT, Inc., Raleigh Regional Cancer Center, in Beckley, West Virginia. And for six years, as Medical Director of the Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program at Forsyth Memorial Hospital, I had the chance to work with patients who bridged my work as a neurosurgeon and psychiatrist.

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